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Is the dog owner:

A. White
B. Black

Is the person trying to save the dog from imminent danger:

A. White
B. Black

Now, how many people think that the dog owner was white and the Samaritan black?

Wrong. Dog owner was black, white girl trying to help. And that white girl was my daughter. I was driving my vehicle, which is not as nice as the black guys truck trying to be sure this puppy was kept safe-we do dog rescue and have dog treats and loop leashes just for situations like this. And had I known that a black person owned that puppy, I would have been just as quick to stop and help it. That is the difference between being racist or not. Not what a dating site says.

Why do people spend so much time trying to prove that white people are racist. I’ve got news for you-We don’t care about your race! But not because we are racist. Most white people are just as busy trying to keep their jobs, their kids out of trouble, their bills paid, etc. just as any other race. I think people of other races think whites are just sitting around in our smoking jackets, sipping brandy and giggling at everyone else. Or we are all watching NASCAR. I don’t care who messages me-so long as it’s not something stupid, I will message back-because I’m not rude. But if you are a black man it’s not going to be a love connection. Not because I’m racist, but because it is not the look I like. That said, I prefer the Asian-American culture over the African-American culture. Why do you think that is? Because I have more RESPECT for the Asian- American culture as a whole. That doesn’t make me racist because I can recognize that and am willing to say so on a public forum. I also prefer coffee ice cream over chocolate-does that make me racist?

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