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I use it to gauge how attracted I am to a man (yes, for some reason, I use such indicators as the most reliable). The less I naturally want to verbally torture him and make his life easier, the less I’m attracted.

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November 25, 2009 12:16 pm
Thanks guys!

@Il Capo
Recruitment is in process, a top team looks to be really interested… the coach and I get along well…. together we can make it all the way this season… he’s talking Superbowl rings and I just might start believing the dream ;-)

(The coach came up with the above post idea after seeing me in action. D*mn he knows talent when he sees it lol. [That was a joke in the spirit of sports-talk for those that read literally] ;-))

About resting feet in the car, good point. I should have said, “…looking forward to getting out of the noisy crowd to somewhere you can rest your feet and lounge easily for the rest of the night.”

By the way about half of the examples are twists on something that happened to me, others are twists on something that happened to friends. (I’ll leave it to any curious reader to guess which is what.)

LOL @ the line about her looking good stepping out of the car. Smooth…

Good question … not sure. I think Me-Me-Me Girl is the sort of girl who sh*t-tests a lot. The Roissysphere seems to think all women sh*t-test no matter what. Doesn’t matter if it’s the most Alpha male to ever grace the planet, he will have to deal with sh*t tests according to what I recall.

How much a girl sh*ttests across guys and how attracted she is to each would be interesting to consider. Is she doing so because she is desperate for his attention? Or is she expressing frustration and disappointment in him?

It reminds me of your Temperate Tempests post. Girls who like a bit more drama would probably play up emotional reactions, girls who are more on the mellow side might play up rational and calm reactions?